One Nation Undecided

I was really pleased to work on some titles for this season’s Princeton University Press list. They have created some excellent covers that can be viewed on their design tumblr, along with inspiration and a glimpse of life at the University Press.

This project arrived a couple of months after the devastating Brexit result and it felt particularly relevant to me as it looks at similar topics. The book covers some fascinating themes such as how technological developments do not fit comfortably with our familiar way of thinking, a public distrust in institutions and how people are ignorant to the most basic of facts.

My first round of comps were not really hitting the mark and l decided to revisit this with a more critical eye after the weekend. My favourite comp is based on some feedback from an editor to try and convey ‘the mess we are in’. The design uses the flag’s red stripes to give a feeling of unraveling and confusion. The author amusingly described this as the spaghetti option. I pushed the flag idea further in the third comp with the star spangled banner falling apart, whilst the strong black type represented the clarity and stability of Schuck’s solutions. Perhaps this idea focused too much on destruction.

The selected design was a simple three colour cover, which used a road sign to portray the different directions of the five hard issues.

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