Forever On

The cover design for Forever On was a really fun assignment from Penguin Random House. Unfortunately the project was unused as they decided to go in a different direction. l wanted to share my working process and have included the design comps, some of which are half baked but they show the ideas.

Forever On is a fiction title by Rob Reid that centres around a social network called Phluttr. It explores a lot of current day issues such as AI, advanced neuroscience, sexism, techbro culture, terrorism and robotics.

I wanted to draw on the aesthetics of smartphones, apps and tech companies. The art direction was for these to have a graphic feel. The title changed from Flutter to Forever On during the project, therefore the slideshow has a mixture of the two titles. My ideas included designing the cover as a smartphone app interface, a tech company logo, glitch art, a play on an amazon review and as a text chat.

The publishers also commissioned me to create a small series of emojis that relate to the story. My favourites are included in the final slide.

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