Another piece for The Atlantic’s Wordplay column, which was written by the senior editor Sophie Gilbert. This month’s article looked at the differences between British and American English. In the USA a rubber means condom, whilst it is the common word for an eraser in the UK.

The Financial Times

A series of diagrams created for a special report in The Financial Times. The article looked at the future of water and focused on different solutions to help in a water shortage. The inventions are still in development and l wanted to convey this by using a sketch style and handwritten annotations.


I have a strong interest in etymology and l was really pleased when The Atlantic got in contact to work on their Wordplay feature. The article was about Lexicographer Jonathon Green’s slang timelines, which show the evolution of slang. The final design focused on different words for sex, which were hand-drawn onto a pillow with fabric pens. Wap is from the 1500’s and Lash is a new slang word used in Multi-Ethnic London English.

Gingerbread Cover

This cover commission from John Hopkins University was so much fun. The brief was to make Gilman Hall, which is one of their iconic university buildings out of festive food. After trying out some different types of edibles we decided on the gingerbread direction. The project was also the perfect opportunity to collaborate with my mum, who is a very ace cook. Three days of experimentation lead to the final design below.

Hilary Mantel

Last week l illustrated a short story by Hilary Mantel, which was published in The New York Times. The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher is the title story from her forthcoming book.

I created a cover illustration for the pull-out section and a series of spots. The assassin is mistaken for a plumber, so l used some pipes to link the illustrations that flow throughout the story. The captive and the sniper also bond over some tea, which lead to the idea for the main illustration.

It is a fantastic short story that was controversial here in England. The right wing press (Daily Mail) hated it, as did the Conservative party. You can read the story in full here.

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