Gingerbread Cover

This cover commission from John Hopkins University was so much fun. The brief was to make Gilman Hall, which is one of their iconic university buildings out of festive food. After trying out some different types of edibles we decided on the gingerbread direction. The project was also the perfect opportunity to collaborate with my mum, who is a very ace cook. Three days of experimentation lead to the final design below.

5 Questions for 100 Designers

I recently contributed to 5 Questions for 100 Designers, which is a marvellous resource for students and young designers. The archive has some insightful responses from Matt Dorfman, Coralie Bickford-Smith and Jessica Hische. Thanks to Yevgeny Yermakov for getting in touch about the project.

Hilary Mantel

Last week l illustrated a short story by Hilary Mantel, which was published in The New York Times. The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher is the title story from her forthcoming book.

I created a cover illustration for the pull-out section and a series of spots. The assassin is mistaken for a plumber, so l used some pipes to link the illustrations that flow throughout the story. The captive and the sniper also bond over some tea, which lead to the idea for the main illustration.

It is a fantastic short story that was controversial here in England. The right wing press (Daily Mail) hated it, as did the Conservative party. You can read the story in full here.

The Dorito Effect

Another project for Simon and Schuster (USA) for a title by Canadian comedian and foodie Mark Schatzker. The selected design was composed out of crushed tortilla chips. One of my favourite comps focused on the obesity aspect of the book, with the letterforms increasing in scale.


The jacket for Totalled by Colin Cremin. I wanted to convey the destructive nature of the title by chopping up the cover. Cremin suggests some solutions towards the end of this book on capitalism, which l hint at with the repairing tape beneath the author's name.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine is a beautifully designed publication. I was really pleased to accept a commission for a feature on Weddings. The article discussed various diet restrictions of wedding guests, such as vegan and gluten-free. The simple shapes of a wedding couple were formed from lentils and bread crumbs.


Since my regular portrait gig for Newsweek stopped last year, l have only accepted a few commissions in between other projects. Here are a selection of recent favourites that were assigned by ESPN Grantland. I have simplified the process, giving them a more graphic feel whilst retaining the handmade aesthetic.

Rebel Footprints

A new cover for Pluto Press. The book is a collection of walks, which focus on the history of radical politics and protest in London. The title changed and a subtitle was also added at the last minute. It upsets the balance of the design somewhat, but l am still pleased with how it turned out. The handwritten map was a lot of fun.

Holiday Homes

A hand carved birdbox for an exhibition curated by Jayde Perkin and Paul Roberts. The process for this was really enjoyable, scratching the design into the wood. The show is part of the Festival of Nature at No. 1 Harbourside, Bristol.

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