Holiday Homes

A hand carved birdbox for an exhibition curated by Jayde Perkin and Paul Roberts. The process for this was really enjoyable, scratching the design into the wood. The show is part of the Festival of Nature at No. 1 Harbourside, Bristol.

The New York Times

I recently answered a few questions about my book cover design process for The New York Times. The Book Review section featured Living with a Wild God by Barbara Ehrenreich, a cover l designed for Twelve Books last year. You can view the Before and After feature here. I was really pleased to be included amongst talented designers such as Oliver Munday and Joan Wong.

Walter Isaacson

One of the perks of book cover design is reading titles months before they are released. I really enjoyed Walter Isaacson's forthcoming book The Innovators, which looks at the history of innovation. He is best known for the biography of Steve Jobs and his work as the President of the Aspen Institute.

l only had two and a half days to read the manuscript and design comps. My ideas focused on collaboration, which was a recurring theme throughout the writing. The publishers Simon and Schuster went with a different direction for the final book, my favourite comps are posted below.


Some more design work for MIT Technology Review. The article focused on how computer software can solve Captchas, the hard-to-read jumbles of letters that foil automated bots. I used some very ugly fonts and photoshop techniques to replicate the style of Captchas. Hopefully l achieved a good balance between readability and distortion.

Lettering Experiment

I really enjoy playing with new materials and pushing my work in new directions. For this project l spat on to a surface to create the letterforms. It has had a mixed reaction from friends and studiomates. Despite the rather gross material (phlegm), l believe the piece has a rather beautiful quality to it.


Most of my work from the last few months has been focused on book covers, typography, branding and editorial illustration. So it was a really nice surprise when Nick Vokey of MIT Technology Review got in touch with an infographics project. We used a combination of photography with hand painted data pages to convey a sketchbook aesthetic. I was exceptionally busy at the time and l could not have completed this without the assistance of my good friend and talented illustrator Dan Haskett.

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